a little bit of Liam

Bring up a boy is a tough job.  It’s full of KPOW’s and VVERRR-BOOMS!  It’s not quiet or careful nor will it be dull or sane.  Their hugs might be delivered by way of a tackle; their sweet words might sound like a faint grunt but don’t loose heart…because these boys need a soft place to call home.  The famous saying rings so very true, “the days are long but the years are short.”  Meet an amazing boy: Liam.



I am blessed to watch him grow.  Part of the blessing for me is seeing his mom & dad pour into him because they understand that they aren’t responsible for his boyhood.  They take to heart the very truth that they are in the process of rearing a man, a husband, and a father who lead a family of his own one day.





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