365 project {2011} & {2014}

Embarrassing but true…people often ask me, “How do you see things? What goes on inside your brain?”

*INSERT: embarrassing sigh here*

My answer is undeniably simple, “I see things in pictures.” I always have.  As a child I only needed two tools to understand the world around me: images & emotions…little has changed.

Ironically, the one pursuit I never made time for was photography! I appreciated the craft and used it for years to inspire me through a life filled with the arts but year after year I would find myself saying, “Someday I will get serious and learn my that craft.” Finally, I made the jump!! I decided to use an incredible site to help me on this journey the 365project.org. I figured if I was {forced} to upload an image every day for a year…then something might come of it.  Even if that “something” was the desire to never-ever pick up a camera again!  The community was incredible…so encouraging, so inspirational, so very creative.  What a journey that was!! Many of you followed me through my project and I am so grateful for your comments, FAV’s, and pointers!!  After my first project I was working so much I decided to take a break…but now I’m back and this year my goal is to chronicle a year of growth…so here’s to hoping something amazing happens!!

For anyone who is curious, here’s the link: http://365project.org/luckygirl/profile {most photos from this project are for sale-shoot me an email to discuss pricing and size.}


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